Back Pain Hits Cork!

The incidence of back pain is on the rise with 80% of the population suffering from a bout of it in their lifetime.  The people of Cork are not excluded from this unfortunately, so what to do about it?


Firstly…don’t panic!  85% of people are fully recovered by 3 months and only a very small percentage go on to develop recurrent or chronic back pain (CBP).

‘But I had a scan which shows a bulging disc!’  Again…don’t panic!  Studies have shown that up to 90% percent of people who have no pain, that’s right…NO PAIN, have changes on X-Ray including, bulging discs, herniated discs and degeneration.*


‘I shouldn’t have a scan then?’  Scans are sometimes indicated, but only rarely.  We’re experts in the treatment and management of back here at Function Physiotherapy and we’ll be able to advise you if an X-Ray or MRI is appropriate for you.

‘So I don’t need to see my GP?’  Being a chartered physiotherapy clinic, a referral from a GP is not required in order for your treatment to be covered by your private health insurer.  This DOES NOT mean we recommend not seeing your doctor or GP.  If you’re having trouble controlling your pain with pain medications you normally use then perhaps seeing your GP for advice regarding your pain management options is a good idea.  We’ll work closely with your doctor, GP or specialist to ensure that you receive the best possible care for your back.

Get moving!  Movement and exercise is about the best thing you can do for a sore back and our clinic at Penrose Wharf is purpose built to help facilitate you to do so.  We’ll accurately diagnose the source of your back pain, provide expert hands-on treatment and take you through an individualised exercise program in our padded exercise space where you’ll feel confident to start moving and stay moving!

Our ‘Back To Function’ group exercise class is specifically designed to help back pain sufferers overcome the fear of movement that’s often associated with the condition, helping you to get back to living a healthy and active lifestyle without the ‘fear’ of re-injury.

If you have any questions regarding your painful or stiff back then please contact the clinic on (021) 233 9045 or use the ‘Book An Appointment’ form above.

*Please read this article from the Irish Independent for more information on things you didn’t know about back pain (summary below):

15 Things You Didn’t Know About Back Pain:

1. Back Pain is common and normal

2. Scans are rarely needed

3. Interpreting scans should come with a health warning

4. Back Pain is not caused by something being out of place

5. Bed rest is not helpful

6. More back pain does not mean more back damage

7. Surgery is rarely needed

8. Schoolbags are safe – worrying about schoolbags might not be

9. The perfect sitting posture may not exist

10. Lifting and bending are safe

11. Avoiding activities and moving carefully does not help in the long-term

12. Poor sleep influences back pain

13. Stress, low mood and worry influence back pain

14. Exercise is good and safe

15. Persistent back pain CAN get better