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This class is our version of ‘Pilates’ and is an hour general strengthening and conditioning for your back and trunk (and of course it also targets your core!).  While the class contains some floor-based Pilates exercises, it is not limited by them, and incorporates many other conditioning approaches using a variety of strengthening tools.  Variety is what this class is all about giving you as many ways to move as possible.

Those who have back and neck pain, or if you’ve suffered from these in the past, will benefit tremendously from this class but individuals of all fitness levels will also enjoy attending.  Class content is therefore tailored to the individual and group with exercises easily modified to suit your specific fitness and strength levels.*

Classes are run for 6 consecutive weeks at a cost of €90.  One class/week.

*If you’re currently suffering from an injury, please let us know in advance so that we can determine if attending class is appropriate or if you may need a one-on-one assessment before commencing the class.  Class attendees receive 20% discount off their initial consultation.


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