Strong & Flexible

An hour-long mobility and strengthening class blending self-massage or myofascial release work, spinal mobilisation, traditional yoga patterns and poses, functional movement patterning and some floor-based Pilates and core strengthening for good measure!  Improved flexibility is only one of the many benefits you’ll experience following a 6 week course of this particular class.  There are quite a few similarities between our Strong & Flexible and Back To Function classes with many common themes and programming.  In this way, Strong & Flexible is a great supplementary class for someone who is perhaps a little on the stiff side or those looking for some more ‘recovery’ time from either high-volume training or a recent competition.

Classes run for 6 consecutive weeks at a cost of €90.  One class/week.  After you’ve completed an initial 6 week course you’re very welcome to jump into this class for a top-up subject to availability.


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12:30 pmStrong & FlexibleStrong & FlexibleStrong & Flexible
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6:30 pmStrong & Flexible
7:30 pmStrong & Flexible

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